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Martial arts

I've been studying martial arts for almost 30 years and they have been my way of life for many years.

For those who wish to know more on my experience, you can visit this page.

  Uchideshi stays (for boarders)

They are intended for students who are willing to follow this path on the long term or just for a while in order to develop as human beings.

They are intended for people who are sincerely willing to learn and to research.

The stays are for a minimum of two weeks.

Your level in martial arts doesn't really matter.


Traditionally, in Japan, uchideshi is the name given to a boarder who shares his professor's daily life. He can therefore permanently immerse himself in his professor's martial practice.

Warning: Daily martial practice requires great rigour, open-mindedness, humility and personal implication.


Training schedule:

Everyday, except Tuesday (day off)

Summer: 6am - 7am and 7.30pm - 9pm

Winter: 8am - 9am and 7.30pm - 9pm


Prices: €250 for each two-week period

€20 for each extra day

Beyond two months: €350 per month


If you're interested, please send me your application via the contact form, introducing yourself and explaining your motivations.

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