Oustamura - Yourtes Alpes Maritimes

Oustamura … in a few words


Hello dear visitors,

Situated at an altitude of 1300 metres, facing south, Oustamura is a real piece of heaven with chamois and ibexes (but let's not forget the marmots!) for neighbours in the Mercantour Park, 2 hours away from Nice.

Apart from dormice and voles, 60 people live there, among the yurts:

Egao, Oustamura's mischievous dog
Ukemi, the cat.
41 full-grown cashmere goats and 15 kids, also known as the pistoleros, whose favourite game is to attack the stagecoach (=the sheepfold!).
1 hen
and … Corinne, who spends all her time running around!

But what exactly can you do at Oustamura?

  • Three Mongolian yurts, 27m² (290 ft²) each, with a capacity of 4 to 5 people in order to accommodate any person or family willing to share and to reconnect with the simple and authentic mountain life.
  • Honey and propolis (first harvest: summer 2011).
  • Cashmere wool, in the form of balls of yarn.
  • Martial arts and calligraphy, which are an important part of my life (the time I spent in Japan made that even more important!!)

Thanks to you, I'm expecting enriching encounters. I hope with all my heart that what I'm building here, day after day through a lot of hard work, will make you really happy and that you will leave Oustamura with a smile on your face and a lot of energy to keep moving on in your lives.


What our guests thought …

If you want to get a better idea of what living in yurt and at Oustamura is like, you can read our guests' comments.



If you're after light, stars, space and freedom, alone or with your family, Oustamura is here for you! In the setting of a wild and preserved nature, surrounded by mountains, this B&B in yurts offers to welcome you on a farm, on the limits of Mercantour National Park, 500m from the typical mountain village of Entraunes. Entraunes (alt. 1300m) is located in the Alpes-Maritimes department, on the road that links Nice to Barcelonnette, at the foot of Col de la Cayolle (alt. 2326m), and near Guillaumes, Valberg and the Daluis gorges. In the privileged climate of France's southern Alps, you will enjoy sleeping in a Mongolian yurt: the guarantee of an unusual and unforgettable stay in the heart of nature!

The yurt, a very comfortable type of accommodation, halfway between the mountain refuge and the self-catering cottage, will give you the possibility to commune with nature thanks to its simplicity and its natural materials. Corinne will introduce you to her adorable 42 cashmere goats. You will also have the opportunity to taste her mountain honey or her propolis.

For cycling, bicycle touring or motorcycling fans, the yurts are located on the "Route de Grandes Alpes" and could be a very enjoyable stop, both unexpected and original. In the winter, Oustamura can be an excellent base camp for activities such as ski touring and snowshoeing.

Besides, Corinne Van Themsche lived in Japan for several years to study martial arts. She is still practising and offers you training courses and theme vacations or weekends including mountain activities, relaxation, calligraphy, seitaï, tecnhiques of re-adjustment of the body, martial arts … Available activities nearby: hiking, mountaineering , cycling, ski touring, snowshoeing, climbing , canyoning, …

For those wishing to go deeper into their progression in martial arts, Corinne also offers you long intensive stays, called uchideshi stays, based on research and studies around martial arts.

See you soon!

If you want to know more on martial arts: aikido, aikijo, aikiken, taijutsu, uchideshi, Okinawa kobudo, Kenyu Chinen, Shorin Ryu, Okinawa karate, Shusetsukan.